The projects on which we recently worked,An every projects are a picture frame for us to paint it beautifully to reach the world


Ramanagara Marathon

Ramanagara Marathon's goal to give everyone on the planet both a reason to run and the means and opportunity to keep running and never stop.



TestVeda is a library of previous competitive exams papers and Government jobs available around India. User can view / download the exam papers or take mock tests of the same through this application



Anna is the site where you can donate your left over food for hungry people.Here especially you can create the event that schedule the donation of food with right time and day you wish to make a donation.


Vote India Vote

This is a virtual voting site, You can vote in the constituencies where the real time leaders have nominated. You can select the candidate you want to cast vote for at the constituency you are located. This application is to find out the interest of a community depending on their age and so on.


Know Your Country

Our mission is to know our country and authors by providing easy and user friendly portal to know your country at free costy level and to reach their audiences at the best level.



Minimal manual inputs required for populating maximum information for invoice preparation as per GSTN recommended formate.

Applicable tax amount can be automatically calculated based on HSN/SAC, and place of supply.


School Veda

School Veda is a comprehensive School Management System for all educational institutions. School Veda is a powerful online community that brings an educational institution's management, parents, teachers, and students on one common interactive platform.


Because of the integrated approach we use on all our projects, we have a vast range of capabilities stretching from design research and strategy to brand, productdesign, and technology

Product Design

Everything is Designed; Few things are Designed Well. We Provide Web Service assistance with Website Maintenance, CBSE/ Board School Websites, Domain Name Registration, Website Hosting, Online School Management, Online Test/ Exam Management, Online Application Form Management.

Graphic Designing

A design is not finished, Untill somebody is using it. We live in a world of information saturation, and that translates to Graphic design. We share things like Brochure/ Pamphlet/ Banner/ Poster/ DVD/ Cup/ Notebook Designing, Individual Designing, Typography, T-Shirt, Uniform Designing.

SEO & Marketing

Every Click needs to be Prompted by a Call to Action. Our services include Intial website consultation,keyword Research,Meta Data Alterations,Content Writing,Setup or implementation and services of Analytics and webmaster Tools,Ranking/Stats Reports

Computer Annual Maintenance & Networking

YR offers Computer AMCs for all makes and models of Laptop, Desktop, Printer Scales and Authorized Services Support for Dell/ HP/ Lenovo Systems with Anti-virus, Anti-spyware Protection, Data Backup Restoration Support ,Network Management and offers CCTV Instalations.


The more informative your advertising, the more persuasive it will be. YR helps your brand connect with your audience across Google, by letting you reach customers in new ways on Search, increasing the social relevance of your AdWords ads, Content Writing, Pod Casrs and Webinars support.

Architectural Support

We shape our buildings; Thereafter they shape us. YR offers an good interior designing and execution services with professional team in all major disciplines within the realms of architecture, Interior Design, planning, Photomontage, Interactive Photomontage, 2D/ 3D Floor plans, 2D Interactive Maps, 3D walkthrough and Interactive panoramas.


How we do the work we do is complex because every job is different. Over the years, however, we have honed the skill of innovation into an integrated process we call the Five D's :Discover, Design, Develop,Diagnose Deliver.


Analysis Becomes Insight Through intensive design research and strategic analysis, YR gains insight into customers, competitors, client brand, and key opportunities. Discover inspires and guides Design and Deliver..


Insights Become Ideas Here is where we produce a range of design approaches and concepts to more fully addresses the client's challenge. The concepts are reviewed, tested, refined, and crafted into a focused design direction.


Ideas becomes Progress,In this phase we decode the design,decide criticalities,set database plans,maintain master plan in flow chart,insight the flow and proceed with the coding and validate the product process.


Progess Become Recognize Here is where the concepts and challenges are reviewed,tested in aspect of a person's interaction with a given systems requirements


Recognize Become Reality In this phase we specify, document, and deliver project details to the client for implementation, or we get involved directly in the production process both guarantee the accurate translation of ideas into reality.


Our clients are diverse, so we have distinct points of view on market trends in industries ranging from energy, healthcare, media, reality, education and mobile to retail, social innovation, and software & computing.

Social Innovation

Improving the world through design and technology is one of our core principles, and we are committed to creating effective ecosystems to drive social change.

School Management

School Management Software of students with high, efficient & complex support needs in managing school information. We will design ID card, Marks card, manage all workflow & processess of both Public / Private Schools and Institutions which makes a lot of sense for students.


We offer a global network for creative real estate by developing Websites. Being a real estate professional is more than just helping people sell, buy, or rent property, but rather assisting them in achieving their real estate goals.